Slyzz’Rith is a Kobold that is arrogant, powerful and insane. He has forced others to treat him as a Dragon for so long that he seems to forget that he, in fact, is not one. His lackeys dare not correct him but the same cannot be said of his adventuring party, a fact that infuriates him to no end. However he needs them, so for now they can live. Slyzz’Rith is barely three feet tall, he has deep red scales and his eyes glow like molten lava. He wears fine robes and often dons a stylised mask made of bone.

Slyzz’Rith lusts for power. Being the servant of a Great Wyrm in his youth he has vowed to one day be held in the same regard, to be showered with riches simply for not eating anyone. He isn’t actively cruel but he displays a callous disregard for anything other than himself. He doesn’t view his adventuring party as allies, but rivals to test his power.

Slyzz’Rith is a consumate Sorcerer. He can turn his enemies to ashes with a meteor or turns them into squirrels for amusement. He can dominate minds, instantly transport allies, freeze enemies in place and even turn into a Dragon to tear enemies apart. It is because of this power his allies put up with his insanity.


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