Hood, a mysterious cloaked figure, has thrown Faerun into chaos. Using the power of an ancient artifact, Demons, a cult slavishly devoted to him and years of planning he has created a vast army of undead and threatens to change the Realms forever with it.

Nations gather their armies, spies scurry in the shadows, adventurers smell glory in the air and even the gods have taken notice, for Hood’s cult, The Faithless, claim to have forseen the second Dawn Cataclysm.

The Constant Team, an unlikely team of adventurers from Waterdeep are on Hood’s trail, but will they rise to greatness and become the heroes who stopped him or are they to become a mere footnote in the history books?

The face of Hood’s plan seems simple, but every layer peeled back reveals two more, it would seem that a mass undead uprising is merely the beginning of a far greater scheme….

The Rise of Hood